The Fund

The Bagong Barrio Education Fund directly supports the education expenses of underprivileged children in Bagong Barrio, The Philippines.

Below is an approximate breakdown of education-related expenses for a primary-school year in Bagong Barrio:

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These costs were compiled by our leadership team in Bagong Barrio after consultation with the local schools, parents and teachers.

Although these costs are approximations, they do give a sense of how much it costs for a child to be educated each year in Bagong Barrio. Please also note that this amount increases for high school and college students. Your contribution goes a long way to supporting their needs and allowing the families to send their children to school.

*Based on a 1 AUD = 41 Philippine Peso rate


Where your financial contribution goes

You can be assured that 100% of your contribution goes directly to the students of Bagong Barrio as all administrative costs are generously covered by a private source.

Our Melbourne-based team volunteers their time pro-bono to coordinate the finances, student correspondence as well as the website and social media profiles.

This is our process for delivering supporters' funds to the students:

  1. The supporter contacts our team to discuss a payment option (through email or through the form on this site).

  2. The contribution is paid to The Trustees of the Marist Brothers and held in trust.

  3. Funds are then transferred to the BBEF office at Angel Presence School in Bagong Barrio.

  4. Students receive the funds in monthly allotments from the Bagong Barrio office upon signature from their parents/guardians.

  5. Students are encouraged to write a letter regularly to us here in Australia so that it can be shared with our supporters and the web site This letter also assists the students with their English skills. 


Importantly, students must obtain an average yearly grade of 80% in their school report to continue to be supported.

A group of BBEF senior student mentors

A group of BBEF senior student mentors

Our Supported Students

The selection of the supported students is based on a needs assessment by the Bagong Barrio Education Fund office. The students are residents of Bagong Barrio who have either stopped going to school, have not been able to continue school or are in danger of losing the opportunity of education due to financial reasons.

We aim to support students through to the end of high school education.

Senior high-school students and graduates often become mentors in the program by helping to tutor younger students as well as organising activities to keep the BBEF students connected and motivated.

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