Becoming a regular supporter generally requires an annual donation which can be discussed with our team.

Ideally, supporting a student goes on for several years, throughout the duration of their education. We aim to support students from elementary school through to university.

When you support a student, you are not locked into a contract of any kind. We can assist you with a range of payment options. You are also able to end your involvement in the program when you need to.

Sometimes changes in a student's circumstances may bring an end to the support, such as when the child’s family moves away from Bagong Barrio. We are unable to support students living outside of Bagong Barrio. In these cases, we will help to find another child for you to support.

If you’d like to become a regular supporter, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you.

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Or if you’d like to make a one-off donation:

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