Below is a lightly edited transcript.


What are you studying now?

I am studying a Bachelor of Science in Accounting at university. I am currently in my third year.

How long have you been supported by BBEF?

Since Grade One. We lived near the old Angel Presence Kid's Center and our landlord recommended me to Teacher Elma and Teacher Placid who work for Angel Presence School and BBEF.


How has BBEF helped you?

Tagalog is my native language, so BBEF helped me especially with my English skills and with my confidence in speaking. After I got used to English, this subject became my speciality. I could understand and construct sentences from when I was in Grade Two. This helped me to progress further with my studies.

What would you say to a potential supporter?

BBEF is one big family. When you help the program and the students, you will have a new family member. You will be supporting a student who has big dreams – a skilful and talented student from here in Bagong Barrio. By helping one student, you are helping their entire family to get out of poverty.

The letter-writing is very important to me in building a special connection with my supporter. It is a means of updating my supporter on what has happened this month. When the supporter replied, it filled me with joy!

Are you still involved with BBEF?

Yes, I still support the elementary students with tutoring and helping them with the Christmas concert.